I’m tinkering, pondering, surfing spirals, chasing presence, and trying to make cool shit in Boston, MA. Here’s what’s most important to me now.


  • Working on an instrumental EP entitled “YAY”. Currently finishing up some pretty exciting tracks! This is my #1 creative priority.
  • Launching Awkward Conversations (video) and Bad Decisions Exclusives with Bad Decisions Collective (BDC) – plus out website.
  • Speaking of BDC, we’re throwing a monthly event called Level Up at Good Life in Boston. Come join us! I’m focused on flyers, promotion, and playing dope music there.
  • Aside from projects, I’m making beats to stay sharp. These are not going to anyone in particular right now BUT I’m open to working with new artists.
  • Working at my day job… a lot. Still, it’s a good gig and I’m working on some exciting problems.
  • Planning a wedding. That shit is no joke – but not sacrificing creative projects, or travel (with my beautiful creative fiancé Jannelle.

I believe in sharing, and I’d love it if you shared what you were working on with me. That said, I have some major goals that I’m focusing on. So any requests or opportunities that arise will need to go toe-to-toe with the list above; anything that doesn’t cut the mustard will probably result in a No (or a “not right now”).


This page is a public declaration and reminder to myself of my priorities, and is inspired byDerek Sivers’ NOW movement. Updated on 2018-03-10.